errant push-up absorbed into crestfallen fitness
success victimizes toilet

poet in white, volume 4

A silent flower floating in the surface. Lambs urinate. On
the front steps a child. Singing.

Lamb's heart hushes blood. Who breathes with flowers?

top notch

cream and shit rise and shine

simple conspiracy

planetarium is part marketing, same part dental
laughing at death is showing too much emotion
many a viscount gently weeps on rugged coastline
red riding hood over black dress may belittle or reduce sensual ennui
the wind won't carry the acrobat that won't flutter


Some days you droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven, and then the bear gets you.

[0, triumph)

It was indeed the Nuremberg Rally-style propaganda that Palin summoned to Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Fell short by a Leni Riefenstahl...
like a cotton swab answering its purpose with a question,
so are sands through the hourglass
fumbling habit prone to infinite loops
the island in the pool on the island is two times a lady
Blindness Blindness by Jose Saramago
rating: 2 of 5 stars

About a hundred fifty excellent pages into the opus of the Nobel Prize-crafty man of letters, something happens. If it happens in the book, it's not observable - a reader is only able to approximate its location in the story in the wake of the remaining seventy thousand words. And it happens to the whole of the book. Neither an important character nor the text itself, for example, suddenly goes blind; we are operating in the next level of indirection. It's as if a vital gene has been replaced: nothing may be immediately evident, yet the organism is now fundamentally and terminally different. It could only be an achievement or nothing; and who cares that it's the latter.

Not worth reading.

chicken omelet: the definitive response to the chicken or the egg causality dilemma
eccentric lightweights are just better at arts
Hours after the funeral, LeBron glides for a tragic layup.
Ask any archer whether Yo-Yo Ma is anything like Joan of Rainbow
Paint my voluptuous fences, Michelangelo!


To love is to become aligned.

Consider total cost of ownership of even the most sympathetic compliance. Is your country worth it? What about your man? And Shakespeare?

Semantic Modeling Puzzle #12

A relation R is said to be transitive if R(a,b) and R(b,c) implies R(a,c). For example, given that (i) Jesus loves Barbos and (ii) Barbos loves Bobik, then if love is transitive, we can infer that Jesus loves Bobik.







Vending machine

Vending machine


Warehouse district

Question: Insinuate a transitive property X.

Richard Dawkins stumped by crocodialist ideations

another thesis idea

friendship as foundation for execution - the platform for achieving higher profitability, faster time to market, lower costs - outcomes universally beneficial and timeless. a choice of what to standardize and integrate. means to wonders of predictability.

Granddaughter of the Fountain

Witty and provocative as only a descendant of Duchamp may dare, yet it is its singular reification of savagery that distinguishes McCain's Sarah Palin.

The Savior's Olympiada

No country embodies Olympic spirit as much as China. No cultural phenomenon captures a nation the way Olympics capture China. This, without the shred of doubt, is the pinnacle of any god's master plan, the master ice-cream if we all may. Amen.


lay the fillet

I owe you much, and, like a wilful youth,
That which I owe is lost; but if you please
To shoot another arrow that self way
Which you did shoot the first, I do not doubt,
As I will watch the aim, or to find both
Or bring your latter hazard back again
And thankfully rest debtor for the first.

the restroom inside the restaurant: matryoshka of stagnation

histoire d'une chanson

"chick-a-dee-dee-dee" call within my earshot
i steer the comet

steering committee hard to pluck

we take to the sky
asshole ensemble drama Dirty Dishes
стриптиз на стихи марины цветаевой
speed dating is shoplifting

scary story

speed of light times the mass of evil
If transparent accounting practice seems unsafe at first, wearing a skirt that barely covers the bottom line is a step in the right direction.
apple with acute marketing experience a sticky proposition

you know who you are, little betty
Salad bin Garden

paganini ringtone

by my window I have for scenery just

a sea
the canary
and Madonna

buongiorno, fellows of the royal infinity

blue pinstripes
touch softly nature's sweet guitar

seatalia slowly slowly
at my window

The crocodile says:
"The river is deep."
The tail of an ox says
"Time comes and goes."

their rhetoric Believes in You

plane of immanence

The children of tomorrow dream themselves away into the wind. That backward wind blows into the face of our time, and taps like a tired man. As if hosts, "Come in," we boldly answer. It enters our residence within - a rapid footless guest, to offer whom a chair is as impossible as hand a sofa to the air. The future is in the air, and we can feel it everywhere.

Manure Treatment Machinery for Contractors

By approaching immature compost and liquid manure (slurry) as an object, Itokawa Nobuhiro and Fujita Naosato introduce a large high performance machine referred to as a (1) compost spraying and handling work machine, (2) self-running manua-spreader, (3) power shovel with compost glandular lobe grab, (4) liquid manuring machine, (5) self-running slurry spreader, and (6) slurry injector.

Peccadillo Franchise Opportunity by the unwrinkled ear

low stakes poetry

chickens through the cow's legs
water under the bridge

to yasha heifetz

circumlocutory fondling with strings attached
of genius
fish hush hush

peony piguine
poni winnie oniony

and the living is easy
wings wings
poetic emergency: mule stuck in the elevator of cultural significance
faux parachute
corp fungus morally inc
you don't shower a tree with sawdust, and you don't give flowers to a lady

poet in white, volume 2

starting from the orchis -

aspectral, the light of your flower bestows itself and fills: my heart with angel songs, my soul - with so much love. beautiful, to be veiled by nothing, you cast them, loveshadows.

joytear river drooping into the delta.

where do i begin, orchis and orchis, singly,
to tell the sweet love story into the sea.

poet in white, volume 1

i lost you, my white stallion; where are you? it's winter, i am covered with white snow. the white knot - this time it does not come undone. i wanted to ride you into town. snow-silence of white stallion - runneth away into the prairie. and the prayers, gone up in smoke - stallions. i swim, i swim. white, white, like lattice whitewash, i lost you, my white stallion.

singularly terse poetics grandiose salivary

snow-white mustang knee deep in immature estrogen
snow: white of the death unaccepted postmortem

answer the polyphone call
a model fills up a form

with gripping fiction
A patriot (and only a patriot) kisses on the forehead
camel cello
melodic humps clams
i left my boy in illinois
cloyed with ill feeling

the bathroom door
his toilet lore
a bad horse is more complicated than that

Scaling Collective Improvisation: Publish/Subscribe

The pianist is alone in a soundproof space. Her music is streamed outside in real time.

The percussionist wearing headphones is alone in a soundproof space. He subscribes to the pianist’s feed and starts playing along. He can now hear both his own playing and the piano in his headphones, but only the drums are streamed outside.

The cellist plays along with the percussion but does not care for the piano and does not subscribe to its stream.

Both the percussionist and the pianist get cello into their headphones.

The percussionist is now playing with the pianist who hears but cello, and with the cellist who hears but drums. The cellist is improvising with two people who are listening to him, but he is only paying attention to the drummer. Finally, the pianist is playing with the cello that is focusing on its duet with the drums.

One hundred forty two alto saxophone players subscribe to piano and drums.

One hundred forty five musicians are now improvising together. One hundred forty five pieces are being composed. Any musician’s work is available to everybody else. Each is free to alter a subset of incoming streams at any moment. Each is stimulated by a constantly changing group of indirect collaborators. Opportunities for live or postmortem remixing.

Add spring chicken for $1.50.

rem·brandt [rem-bruhnt]

1. remnant, cranberry, biblical.
get that woman a cineman roll
an aerodynamic marvel keeps informational drag off-balance: below the radar or over the head?
giraffe alone understands chopsticks
"Some days giant anteaters ingest 30,000 insects."
Che Guevara

porn for marketeers

relevant local institution in a miniskirt hosts an incidental vocal registration event
Deep thinkers do drown. Like little girls.
singer-songwriter's competing talents occasionally unsportsmanlike
passion for fashion: fine fascistry
Lucian Bebchuk, the William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance and Director of the Program on Corporate Governance at Harward Law School, never sleeps for long, spending much of the night grazing, and only dozes now and then.

In the mornings he usually rests, eating his own feces in order to help digest the tough cellulose in the grass.
greek tragedy: squealing siren on the runaway fire truck
The girl is on the horse, on the plane, under the table, wearing a blue blouse, laughing, drinking milk, standing in front of a yellow car, swimming.
asininent moonsterior
documentary on psychology :⇔ autobiography of bullshit
one woman spellbound idiot is another man's tonsure

trophy wife

she who wears her heart on the sleeve of the arm carrying the torch.