Scaling Collective Improvisation: Publish/Subscribe

The pianist is alone in a soundproof space. Her music is streamed outside in real time.

The percussionist wearing headphones is alone in a soundproof space. He subscribes to the pianist’s feed and starts playing along. He can now hear both his own playing and the piano in his headphones, but only the drums are streamed outside.

The cellist plays along with the percussion but does not care for the piano and does not subscribe to its stream.

Both the percussionist and the pianist get cello into their headphones.

The percussionist is now playing with the pianist who hears but cello, and with the cellist who hears but drums. The cellist is improvising with two people who are listening to him, but he is only paying attention to the drummer. Finally, the pianist is playing with the cello that is focusing on its duet with the drums.

One hundred forty two alto saxophone players subscribe to piano and drums.

One hundred forty five musicians are now improvising together. One hundred forty five pieces are being composed. Any musician’s work is available to everybody else. Each is free to alter a subset of incoming streams at any moment. Each is stimulated by a constantly changing group of indirect collaborators. Opportunities for live or postmortem remixing.

Add spring chicken for $1.50.

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