romeo assange

What stolen secrets shouldn't be released into the public domain?

If the answer is an empty or near-empty set, is that a good thing? A community with no secrets and no privacy - where a thought committed to non-volatile memory is potentially open source - stipulates safe thinking. How is unconditional transparency conducive for free ideation?
Moderation is often deployed as a risk management tactic when we sense that our knowledge of an issue is incomplete, yet we can't help stating a position. (Sometimes the motivation for such behavior is more sinister.) Successfully executed, this maneuver leads to us making peace with our ignorance and growing in misguided confidence. Before long we are caught in a positive feedback loop.

Hold no view in moderation; take a hypothesis (or a technique) to the extreme - that's how you discover its merits and limitations.

Rinse and repeat.
I adore you, Natalie Imbruglia - as a man, a father, and as a couple. As a scientist, I don't object to your earthly timbres.

towards understanding art

Mathematics ... is not a spectator sport. To understand mathematics means to be able to do mathematics ... to solve mathematical problems.

The wolf that understands the lamb is lost, will die of hunger, will not have understood the lamb, will have been wrong about the wolf - and almost everything remains for it to learn about being.
Blanchot's most impenetrable paragraphs and Musil's narrative stalemates as masterclasses in contesting virtuosity.