Remembering Reagan

I dunked on the Gipper once.

Him frail yet as sharp as ever, me 6'7" and kangaroo.

Ashamed and privileged to admit, threw it down rather nastily.

Manifesto, Part N-4

A typical aphorism is a gift of conventional wisdom, economically stated. It gives shape to a stereotype, and promotes it as a generalized pattern suitable for reification. Never mind the winning interface: conventional wisdom stays true to its (almost) entirely useless self.

I embrace economical presentation, but there similarities should end. I bake statements for reverse-engineering into a fairly narrow range of mise-en-scènes, with premeditated benefit.

my first great poem

His pants down and bottom lip sandwiched between his teeth,
the president is anxiously waiting his turn
to face the urinal in the office restroom.

I am heedlessly watching the well-behaved stream,
standing between the only urinal and the first penis,
leaning towards the former.