the restroom inside the restaurant: matryoshka of stagnation

histoire d'une chanson

"chick-a-dee-dee-dee" call within my earshot
i steer the comet

steering committee hard to pluck

we take to the sky
asshole ensemble drama Dirty Dishes
стриптиз на стихи марины цветаевой
speed dating is shoplifting

scary story

speed of light times the mass of evil
If transparent accounting practice seems unsafe at first, wearing a skirt that barely covers the bottom line is a step in the right direction.
apple with acute marketing experience a sticky proposition

you know who you are, little betty
Salad bin Garden

paganini ringtone

by my window I have for scenery just

a sea
the canary
and Madonna

buongiorno, fellows of the royal infinity

blue pinstripes
touch softly nature's sweet guitar

seatalia slowly slowly
at my window

The crocodile says:
"The river is deep."
The tail of an ox says
"Time comes and goes."

their rhetoric Believes in You

plane of immanence

The children of tomorrow dream themselves away into the wind. That backward wind blows into the face of our time, and taps like a tired man. As if hosts, "Come in," we boldly answer. It enters our residence within - a rapid footless guest, to offer whom a chair is as impossible as hand a sofa to the air. The future is in the air, and we can feel it everywhere.

Manure Treatment Machinery for Contractors

By approaching immature compost and liquid manure (slurry) as an object, Itokawa Nobuhiro and Fujita Naosato introduce a large high performance machine referred to as a (1) compost spraying and handling work machine, (2) self-running manua-spreader, (3) power shovel with compost glandular lobe grab, (4) liquid manuring machine, (5) self-running slurry spreader, and (6) slurry injector.

Peccadillo Franchise Opportunity by the unwrinkled ear

low stakes poetry

chickens through the cow's legs
water under the bridge

to yasha heifetz

circumlocutory fondling with strings attached
of genius
fish hush hush

peony piguine
poni winnie oniony

and the living is easy
wings wings
poetic emergency: mule stuck in the elevator of cultural significance
faux parachute
corp fungus morally inc
you don't shower a tree with sawdust, and you don't give flowers to a lady