chicken omelet: the definitive response to the chicken or the egg causality dilemma
eccentric lightweights are just better at arts
Hours after the funeral, LeBron glides for a tragic layup.
Ask any archer whether Yo-Yo Ma is anything like Joan of Rainbow
Paint my voluptuous fences, Michelangelo!


To love is to become aligned.

Consider total cost of ownership of even the most sympathetic compliance. Is your country worth it? What about your man? And Shakespeare?

Semantic Modeling Puzzle #12

A relation R is said to be transitive if R(a,b) and R(b,c) implies R(a,c). For example, given that (i) Jesus loves Barbos and (ii) Barbos loves Bobik, then if love is transitive, we can infer that Jesus loves Bobik.







Vending machine

Vending machine


Warehouse district

Question: Insinuate a transitive property X.

Richard Dawkins stumped by crocodialist ideations

another thesis idea

friendship as foundation for execution - the platform for achieving higher profitability, faster time to market, lower costs - outcomes universally beneficial and timeless. a choice of what to standardize and integrate. means to wonders of predictability.

Granddaughter of the Fountain

Witty and provocative as only a descendant of Duchamp may dare, yet it is its singular reification of savagery that distinguishes McCain's Sarah Palin.