rem·brandt [rem-bruhnt]

1. remnant, cranberry, biblical.
get that woman a cineman roll
an aerodynamic marvel keeps informational drag off-balance: below the radar or over the head?
giraffe alone understands chopsticks
"Some days giant anteaters ingest 30,000 insects."
Che Guevara

porn for marketeers

relevant local institution in a miniskirt hosts an incidental vocal registration event
Deep thinkers do drown. Like little girls.
singer-songwriter's competing talents occasionally unsportsmanlike
passion for fashion: fine fascistry
Lucian Bebchuk, the William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance and Director of the Program on Corporate Governance at Harward Law School, never sleeps for long, spending much of the night grazing, and only dozes now and then.

In the mornings he usually rests, eating his own feces in order to help digest the tough cellulose in the grass.
greek tragedy: squealing siren on the runaway fire truck
The girl is on the horse, on the plane, under the table, wearing a blue blouse, laughing, drinking milk, standing in front of a yellow car, swimming.
asininent moonsterior
documentary on psychology :⇔ autobiography of bullshit
one woman spellbound idiot is another man's tonsure